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Sundance Grand Jury Winner Documentary ‘The House I Live In’

The absurdity of the situation would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. Eugene Jarecki’s documentary titled “The House I Live In,” examines the unimaginable damage wrought by America’s prison-industrial system and the so-called “War on Drugs”. Sundance Grand Prize-winning … Continue reading

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Concatenation of Num3ers: (a(2n+1)+a(2n))^2 = a(2n+1) a(2n)

Concatenation of Num3ers: (a(2n+1)+a(2n))^2 = a(2n+1) a(2n).

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Amazing Animals (videos)

(1) A crow sledding down a roof A video taken in Russia has been steadily gaining popularity the last few days. The clip shows a crow fiddling with an item resembling a jar lid, then the bird stands on the … Continue reading

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Got Raw Milk? Shhh (Sound)

Got Raw Milk? Shhh (Sound).

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Why is 1+1=2 on the 20 greatest equation list?

Why is 1+1=2 on the 20 greatest equation list?.

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Tacos to Connecticut Mayor

East Haven, Connecticut, Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr. ruffled a lot of feathers this week when he told a reporter that he would address Latinos’ concerns over police discrimination and abuse by “eating tacos.” Maturo has since apologized numerous times, but … Continue reading

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Chess : Attacking with 1. e4

Chess Puzzle #2: The game begins with 1.e4 and ends in the 5-th move with knight takes rook mate. 1. e2-e4; g8-f6 2. d2-d3; f6-e4 3. f2-f3; e4-g3 4. e2-e7+; d8-e7+ 5. e1-f2; g3 x h1. mate Is there an … Continue reading

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My Favorite Chess Puzzles

Puzzle # 1 White to play If both players play optimally, will White win, lose, or draw?

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Can ‘Made in China’ stay competitive?

Higher wages and tight credit have led some manufacturers to leave southern China, but others are staying and moving up the value chain. The FT’s Josh Noble visits two Austrian-owned factories that have operated in Guangdong province for over 30 … Continue reading

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Which Candidate For President Has The Small-Business Vote?

1. Barack Obama — 34% 2. Mitt Romney — 17% 3. Ron Paul — 14% 4. Rick Santorum — 10% 5. Newt Gingrich — 9% 6. Other — 7% 7. Rick Perry — 3%* 8. Jon Huntsman — 1%* (*) … Continue reading

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