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US election – Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

  A political coup taking place right before our eyes… (1) Phony Hillary’s Univision ‘Cookie’ Stunt Hillary takes a cookie from a ‘little person’ on Univision, gets tequila and a huge birthday cake, practices Spanish, dances Salsa, and gets called … Continue reading

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Anonymous – Message To The Corrupted Media

    If this is authentic Anonymous,   then are going to get very interesting.   The media is an easy target for hacking and DDoSing . This is a soft but high-value target.             … Continue reading

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The Secret History Of Hacking – 3 pioneers – #infosec #hacking #tech

      The Secret History Of Hacking 3 pioneers of hacking:   Steve Wozniak,   John Draper   and   Kevin Mitnick     Anonymous   –   Web Warriors Full Documentary     DEFCON 17: Hacker vs. Disasters … Continue reading

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