Migrant Crisis – Tracking The Invasion — Part 1

Decades of social engineering, race baiting & political correctness bullshit, now we see the result :

Why are mainstream media outlets like CNN and BBC only broadcasting footage which shows the migrants in a positive light?
Why is mainstream media only showing footage that portrays the migrants as oppressed victims?
While refusing to broadcast any footage that shows them in a negative light?

Europol Admits ISIS Actively Targeting Refugees To Carry Out Terrorist Attacks In The EU
Either Europe changes the rules, or we lose the EU – Norbert Hofer to RT
‘Merkel’s open-border policies are destroying Europe’ – Willy Wimmer
Germany Is Destroying Itself While NATO Promotes Aggression (Interview with Willy Wimmer)

Women in Vienna to get ‘anti-rape’ pocket alarms on New Year’s Eve
Women are being prohibited from entering certain Paris cafés, France 24 reported
French Muslim no-go zones where women aren’t welcome
Muslim Terrorists Drives Truck Into German Christmas Shoppers – 12 Dead, 50 Injured
Muslim Invasion Destroying EU, US Overall IQ Competence
Muslim Radicals In Massive Infiltration Of US Govt, Colleges
Only 34,000 Of 1.2m Muslims In Germany Have Work
Muslim girl refuses to shake German president’s hand as he visits a school to praise it… for integrating migrants so well
Huffington Post’s Syrian Refugee Writer Blames Women for Being Sexually Assaulted
12 Yr Old Muslim Terrorist Tries To Detonate A Nail Bomb At A German Christmas Market
Muslim student who claimed she was harassed by men screaming ‘Donald Trump’ charged after ‘admitting making it up’
OSU attacker was terror-recruitment target – DHS turned blind eye
‘Our streets and squares are under MIGRANT control’ says German home affairs minister
VIDEO 1000 Muslims block London streets chanting Allahu Akbar to demand Islamic caliphate
Rome on verge of WAR between migrants and the poor, mayor of Italy’s capital warns
Muslims Deface 50 Christian Statues In Germany
Cologne Sex Attack Videos Show Women Screaming At Muslim Migrants During Attacks
Austria FM Demands Tough Immigration Stance
10,000 Saudi-Backed Islamic Extremists In Germany
Obama Took $2.6 Billion From Vets, Gave To Muslim Illegals
‘No-Go Muslim Zones’ Hit Sweden – Furious Clash
Muslims Destroy Egypt Christian Village Over Church
Muslim Beats Naked 3 Yr Old Boy In Migrant Camp
109 Koran Verses Prove Islam IS Killing And Maiming
CAUGHT ON VIDEO=> Muslim Family Members in Burkas REFUSE TO STAND for National Anthem

In America, Muslim students are demanding establishment of their religion and intolerance for others.
College Muslims Demand Prayer Rooms & Shuttles to Mosque

Here’s a few examples of that show what migrants bring with them in videos.
The so-called “Cultural enrichment” brings crime, rape and terror.

ITALY: Police force elderly Hotel Owner to house African Illegal Immigrants on his Property

BERLIN: Migrant Gang kicks German Girl down Subway Stairs in Random Assault, Neukölln CCTV

NGO Ships Smuggling Black African Invaders Into Italy

Muslims Filmed Attempting To Rape Young Girl

Il y a en France des zones où les femmes ne sont pas acceptées.

The Cultural Enrichment of Germany

Model: Multiculturalism is Killing Germany
Anabel Schunke afraid to walk the streets thanks to Merkel’s migrants.




A prominent Danish professor warns that western civilization is “threatened” by the influx of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa and that a “civil war” is the most likely outcome,
Writing in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Professor Helmuth Nyborg, who is an expert in the connection between hormones and intelligence, discussed his previous research on how, “The effect of Europeans having few children and immigrants with low IQ” would lead to “Westerners (being) a minority in Europe, and that the average IQ drops so much that prosperity, democracy and civilization is threatened”.


Sweden: Rape Capital of the West





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