When Did People Stop Believing In Freedom?





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Athens – The Truth About Democracy


Democracy, liberty and the freedom of speech are trumpeted as the bedrock of western civilization, but what was Athens really like?

Athens – The Truth About Democracy (with Bettany Hughes )

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Documentary | Sand Wars



Most of us think of sand as a necessary ingredient for any beach vacation. Yet those seemingly insignificant grains of silica surround our daily lives. Every house, skyscraper and glass building, every bridge, airport and sidewalk in our modern society depends on sand. We use it to manufacture optical fiber, cell phone components and computer chips. We find it in our toothpaste, powdered foods and even our wine (both the glass and the wine, as a fining agent)! Is sand an infinite resource? Can the existing supply satisfy a gigantic demand fueled by construction booms? What are the consequences of intensive beach sand mining for the environment? Based on encounters with sand smugglers, corrupt politicians, unscrupulous real estate developers and environmentalists, this investigation by award-winning director Denis Delestrac takes us around the globe to unveil a new gold rush and a disturbing fact: the “sand wars” have begun.


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Hunger Games – Donald Sutherland reveals some dark secrets


Donald Sutherland, who plays President Coriolanus Snow in the blockbuster movie series Hunger Games, was recently asked what the movie was really about – he held no punches in his answer.

Donald Sutherland reveals some dark secrets


If there’s any question as to what it’s an allegory for I will tell you.

It is the powers that be in the United States of America.

It’s profiteers.

War is for profit. It’s not “to save the world for democracy” or “for king and country.”

No, bulls**t.

It’s for the profit of the top 10%, and the young people who see this film must recognize that for the future ‘blind faith in their leaders,’ as Bruce Springsteen said, “will get you dead.”

Donald Sutherland on ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1’


HUNGER GAMES MOCKINGJAY PART 2 interviews – Lawrence, Hutcherson, Hemsworth, Sutherland, Dormer


It may be less than 10%.

Those who profit from war, as Smedley Butler points out above, are a tiny group of people. The ruling elite.

“War Is A Racket” By Major General Smedley Butler, USMC


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The Power of Humor


John Cleese :   “I think it’s [humour] immensely powerful. Whether it changes things very much, I’m not sure. But what I *do* know is the one thing that people in power can’t abide is being made fun of. And I think the wonderful thing about humour is that it punctures pomposity. If people are very self important, they love to have a slightly solemn atmosphere around them, because they know that any kind of humour is gonna deflate that pomposity.”



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What surprises you most about humanity?


Dalai Lama Quote 1


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Stunning Videos From #Drone #Filmmakers

Bangkok Protests
Made by: Youtube user TheCyberJom.


Istanbul Protests
Made by: Vimeo user Jenk K.


Fireworks Display
Made by: YouTube user Jos Stiglingh.


Surfing in Hawaii
Made by: Eric Sterman.


Thailand Travel
Made by: Vimeo user Philip Bloom.


New York City
Made by: Vimeo user Randy Scott Slavin.


San Francisco
Made by: Vimeo user Robert McIntosh.


Endless Summer
Made by: Vimeo user Nate Bolt.


Burning Man
Made by: YouTube user Eddie Codel.


Real Estate
Made by: The New York Times.


Volcano Eruption
Made by: YouTube user Shaun O’Callaghan.


Costa Concordia
Made by: Team Blacksheep.


Niagara Falls
Made by: Matt Quest.


Made by: BBC.


Soccer In India
Made by: Ben Kreimer.


Drone Music
Made by: KMel Robotics and Kurtis Sensenig.


Drone Dancers
Made by: elevenplay×Rhizomatiks.


Graffiti artist KATSU creates abstract paintings using drones with spray cans


Dolphin Stampede
Made by: Dolphin Safari.


Made by: YouTube user AfricanSkyCAM.


Giraffe Safari
Made by: CCTV Africa and African SkyCAM.


Rocket Launch
Made by: SpaceX.


Made by: Tourism New Zealand.


Wedding Fail
Made by: YouTube user WeddingMan123.


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