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Weird: New Competition for Virgin Airlines

  A new airline has entered the highly competitive travel industry this week. Super Luxury Utopian Transport or SLUT airlines as it’s referred to in the company brochures, says it is offering a unique service to the weary traveler.   … Continue reading

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Video: Basics of #bitcoin


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#Bitcoin : Andreas Antonopoulos


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Projected Hi Tech

  Virtual keyboard A full-size image of a QWERTY keyboard is projected onto any surface.       See also:   Projected Monitors   Hi-Tech Projected Computers   12 Pieces of Projected Tech            

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12 Days of Bitcoin: Passing the Beer Run Test


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Comedian: Why you need to start using Bitcoin


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The Day That Albert #Einstein Feared Has Arrived! #quote

  “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” ― Albert Einstein                

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Bitcoin Mastercard Priceless Parody


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Pharmaburger – Statins with your burger?

    ‘Statins with your burger?’ Doctors want heart pills on menu Cardiologists propose putting pills beside salt and ketchup to balance heart disease risk Dr Darrel Francis, a cardiologist at Imperial’s National Heart and Lung Institute, said: “Statins do … Continue reading

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Learn what most schools don’t teach #edchat #code

    Join millions of students worldwide today to learn about the Hour of Code, the largest learning event in history.          

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