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Things the US just does different than … well the rest of the world


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Who Spends The Most Time On The Internet?

  Average number of hours spent online per month. Source:   India – 12.8 hrs China – 13.8 hrs Italy – 18.5 hrs Japan – 21.2 hrs World average – 24.4 hrs Russia – 24.6 Germany – 25.5 … Continue reading

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Biggest Money Mistakes 20-Somethings Make

  Forgetting To Establish A Credit History A good credit history is essential to a successful financial future. Landlords, lenders, insurers and even employers use it as a way to judge you. Taking Out Way Too Many Credit Cards Yes, … Continue reading

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5 Ways Your Internet Freedom Is At Risk

  Shopping, Playing Games, Watching Sports’ Are Potentially Criminal In the wake of Internet activist Aaron Swartz’s death, many are calling for changes to the law under which he was charged, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Critics say prosecutors … Continue reading

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7 Graphs About The Internet That Will Blow Your Mind

  People In Ultra-Conservative Saudi Arabia Share More Online Than People From Any Other Countries This month, the country’s top religious leader said that Twitter, one of Saudis’ favorite networks, will damn the soul of anyone who uses it.   … Continue reading

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Inequality for All: Robert Reich

  Inequality for All is a 2013 documentary film directed by Jacob Kornbluth. The film examines widening income inequality in the United States. The film is presented by American economist, author and professor Robert Reich. The film premiered at the … Continue reading

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MADE IN THE USA: Child Labor & Tobacco

  A video by Human Rights Watch                      

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U.S. Places That Also Sell Guns


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The Sharing Economy

  Woman With a Car vs. Washington D.C.’s Taxi Cartel     The Sharing Economy by Professor Arun Sundararajan                      

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Sen. Bernie Sanders to Janet Yellen: Is the U.S. an Oligarchy?

      Gutting of campaign finance laws enhances influence of corporations and wealthy Americans Wealthy elite influence government policy more than average voters, study finds   It’s bird, it quacks, it has webbed feet, it wobbles when it walks, … Continue reading

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