7 Graphs About The Internet That Will Blow Your Mind


People In Ultra-Conservative Saudi Arabia Share More Online Than People From Any Other Countries
This month, the country’s top religious leader said that Twitter, one of Saudis’ favorite networks, will damn the soul of anyone who uses it.

Internet Facts 1


People Check Their Smartphones 150 Times A Day
brb we gotta check sumthin.

Internet Facts 2


People Say They’re Using Facebook Less
Yes, Facebook’s official “active monthly users” figure is higher than it’s ever been. But when surveyed, people say they’re using the site less and less.

Internet Facts 3


As Much As People Complain, They Really Love Their Smartphones
Related: People love to complain about their smartphones.

Internet Facts 4


China Just Passed The U.S. In Active iOS And Android Devices
Since China has more than four times as many people, it was inevitable.

Internet Facts 5


Soon We’ll Be Sharing Just As Many Photos On Snapchat As We Are On Facebook
At least if current trends hold up.

Internet Facts 6


And Soon The Most Popular ‘Device’ To Use Pandora On Will Be The Car
Like with so many other online services, desktop computers’ share of Pandora use is dwindling.

Internet Facts 7




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