About Texting

Poll questions:

(1) What online text or lingo annoys you the most?

(2) Are you the one who gets irritated about people texting around you all the time, or are you the person texting all the time?


WWD or Walking While Distracted, can be dangerous as well !

In New York, a state senator wants to ban the use of the devices while crossing the street — imposing a $100 fine.

However well-intentioned, the legislation raises the question: Are the police going to ticket every single person who texts or talks on a phone while crossing the street?


VIDEO: Distracted Pedestrian Deaths Up

Topic: When Parents Text – or the most hilarious fails from mom and dad.

Some parents are culture-savvy netizens who keep abreast of trends alongside their children. Others, not so much.

WhenParentsText is an ode (in blog form) comemmorating some of the funniest, most awkward text messages ever sent between parents and their kids. Visit WhenParentsText to view the whole collection of texts (which will be available in book form soon), and submit your own examples.

Here are few examples:
(1) WHEN PARENTS TEXT – Tacos For Dinner
(2) Lunch Maggots

For more, check the archive

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When Parents Text, Hilarity Ensues

When Parents Text | Tosh.0 Blog

A 15 year-old girl fell into an open manhole while texting.
The parents are trying to blame someone else for their daughter’s stupidity while making a little money into the bargain. They’re suing the city.

Don’t text and walk at the same time! A distracted, yet focused woman falls Into a fountain at Berkshire Mall while texting and walking. This is the attention level of modern day society!!

The mall employee admits it was funny but says no one took her feelings into consideration. She also gave a warning to others about the dangers of texting while distracted.

It is troubling that anyone at the Berkshire Mall responsible for releasing this video would find humor in an employee injured on the premises.

A young boy in Italy who fell onto the subway tracks while playing a video game. An off-duty policeman jumped onto the tracks to rescue the boy. The boy was reportedly a little shocked after falling onto the subway tracks but was not injured.

Many people have become so infatuated with the content displayed on tiny LCD screens that they unconsciously throw their sense of well-being out the window in favor of finding out the latest gossip or achieving a high score.

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