Migrant Crisis – Tracking The Invasion — Part 2


Migrant Crisis – Tracking The Invasion — Part 1

How Europe’s most liberal nation gagged its own people on migration attacks: The Swedish conspiracy to hide the truth about the refugee influx

Dozens of Sex Attacks Registered in Berlin Despite ‘Tough’ Security Measures

Migrants Use New Corridors to Arrive in EU Via Belarus, Lithuania – Border Guard

Swedish Social Workers Receive Death Threats From Angry Spouse to Underage Girl

German father rescues his daughter from Syrian would-be rapist after she calls him to say she’s being followed and he finds her being punched to the ground

Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis: Where is the Public Outrage?
US Citizen arrested in shooting of consular official in Mexico
Nurse lured to park by ‘fake cries for help’ then sexually abused by five ‘African’ men

‘We won’t end up like no-go zone Sweden’ – Norway MP warns of mass migration dangers
A GOVERNMENT politician has said the lawless conditions pushing Sweden to breaking point must never be allowed to flourish in Norway.

‘It’s like an ISIS flag’ says hairdresser convicted for refusing to serve hijab-clad woman
A HAIRDRESSER who was slapped with a £900 fine by the courts after throwing a Muslim woman out of her salon has appealed the ruling saying “the hijab is the same as an Isis flag”.

Asylum seekers scam German aid program for millions by applying with ‘up to 12’ fake IDs

Refugee Resettlement Watch
HUGE! Food stamp fraud bust in Baltimore, check out the names, see a pattern?

Brussels is coming to a town near you! Time for a moratorium on Muslim migration to America!

Amarillo, TX being destroyed by refugee overload

Muslim Population in Latin America Grows 25% Amid Radicalization Concerns

Rochester, NY: Confirmation that the US State Department has packed the pipeline with refugees in advance of Trump

Europe’s Murdering Muslims
Trump and Tillerson have the Power to Stop Them Coming Here immediately

Five Afghan teenagers are convicted of gang-raping a boy at knife-point in Sweden – but NONE will be deported because their homeland is ‘too dangerous’

Refugee boats should be sent back to Africa, according to Bavarian allies of Merkel’s party

November Asylum Applications in Greece Exceeds 2015 Monthly Average by 600%

Mexican man charged with raping a 13-year-old girl on a bus had NINETEEN deportations and removals

Feds should worry less about Russia, more about illegal voters

by Leo Hohmann





#RIPSweden Sweden officially surrenders itself to Islam


German Girl WARNS Americans: ‘Refugees Will Not Integrate – We Fear For Our Lives!’

Islam Is Not A Religion Of Peace In Societies Where Faith Is Law
According to the NGO International Humanist and Ethical Union, there are 13 countries where expressing atheism is punishable by the death penalty. What these countries have in common, despite their differences: Islam is the state religion.
Islamic extremism and terrorism cannot be fought effectively without raising the discussion within Muslim societies, and calling for an Islam of tolerance towards non-believers.


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