Chess : Attacking with 1. e4

Chess Puzzle #2:

The game begins with 1.e4 and ends in the 5-th move with knight takes rook mate.


1. e2-e4; g8-f6
2. d2-d3; f6-e4
3. f2-f3; e4-g3
4. e2-e7+; d8-e7+
5. e1-f2; g3 x h1. mate

Is there an error in the notation? If so, correct it.

This chess problem was first published in 1999. See Christmas Puzzle 1999

A possible solution is as follows:

1. e4;     Nf6
2. Qe2;     Nxe4
3. f3;     Ng3
4. Qxe7+;     Qxe7+
5. Kf2;     Nxh1,     mate

See also Synthetic Games


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