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My Favorite Chess Puzzles

Puzzle # 1 White to play If both players play optimally, will White win, lose, or draw?

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The Legend of the Chessboard

There are many examples of how poorly our minds are equipped to think exponentially. Oh, we can do it – but we often realize our mistake too late. This story is a classic. Long long ago in an ancient land, … Continue reading

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Robot vs World Champion blitz game

Chess robot created by Konstantin Kosteniuk plays blitz vs Vladimir Kramnik, No 1 Russian chess player and former World champion. Result of the game was draw though robot stayed better. Developers of the robot suggest an official blitz match against … Continue reading

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Famous chess Games

Chess | Learn, Practice, Play Chess for free | The Chess Website Two of the greatest chess players in the early 1900’s did battle in what is considered by many to be Lasker’s finest performance. We discuss what made this … Continue reading

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