Tacos to Connecticut Mayor

East Haven, Connecticut, Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr. ruffled a lot of feathers this week when he told a reporter that he would address Latinos’ concerns over police discrimination and abuse by “eating tacos.” Maturo has since apologized numerous times, but activists around the country continue to take him to task. Some, like Connecticut’s Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission, have asked for his resignation. Others have gotten a bit more creative with their protest.

East Haven Mayor Tries To Clarify ‘Tacos’ Comment

Mayor Joseph Maturo East Haven Connecticut Latinos Tacos
The FBI is investigating some police officers for their racial profiling of Latinos in East Haven, CT. When interviewed, this is what Mayor Joseph Maturo had to say.

Tacos For Dinner? Mayor Regrets Remark About Latino Outreach
The mayor of East Haven, Conn. apologizes for saying he’d get tacos for dinner in response to a question about reaching out to Latino constituents. Federal agents arrested East Haven police officers on charges they routinely abused Latino residents.

East Haven Taco delivery: Town Hall Taco Delivery
Here is the video from the delivery of tacos to Town Hall today


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