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Super Rich | The Greed Game

The Greed Game Part #1     The recent housing meltdown and sub-prime mortage crisis was instigated by a few greedy people but is hurting us all.   Part #2     Part #3     Part #4     … Continue reading

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Financial Collapse – What We Can Learn From Iceland #banksters

  “For all the fearmongering we hear out of our politicians on the right about how heaven forbid we’re going to turn into Greece, the one country you never hear them talk about any more is Iceland. The reason they … Continue reading

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Why Steve Keen Saw Financial Crisis Coming, and Others Did Not

Steve Keen: The Naked Emperor Dethroned 1/7     The two intersecting lines of supply and demand penetrate economics textbooks like Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence penetrates physics textbooks. The theory behind the two lines is inherently flawed, says Steve Keen. It … Continue reading

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Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner: Reckle$$ Endangerment

When you can’t address the subject, attack the speaker ~ Cicero Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner talk about the 2008 financial collapse and the role played by prominent lending and mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. From Politics and … Continue reading

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Confronting Collapse

Find out who is Michael Ruppert. Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World by Michael C. Ruppert Michael Ruppert, Explaining The Coming ‘Collapse’ Rogert Ebert said, “If this man is correct, then you … Continue reading

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Documentary: The Love of Money

The first film in the BBC series, THE LOVE OF MONEY, examines what happened in September 2008 when the collapse of Lehman Brothers plunged the world into financial crisis. The Love of Money, pt. 1 – The Bank that Bust … Continue reading

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The Black-Scholes Formula : Financial Engineering

It is a mathematical description of financial markets and derivative investment instruments. Read more…. and, particularly, its assumptions Great Documentary about the Black-Scholes formula and its disastrous effects on the economy.. Do we need Black-Scholes in the first place? Black-Scholes … Continue reading

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Movie: Inside Job or the story of a crime without punishment

I don’t care much for Hollywood movies, but I watched on TV the “83rd annual Academy Awards” only to find out which documentary film will win and to hear reactions. The only 2 films I’m interested in are : “Gasland” … Continue reading

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