Stunning Videos From #Drone #Filmmakers

Bangkok Protests
Made by: Youtube user TheCyberJom.


Istanbul Protests
Made by: Vimeo user Jenk K.


Fireworks Display
Made by: YouTube user Jos Stiglingh.


Surfing in Hawaii
Made by: Eric Sterman.


Thailand Travel
Made by: Vimeo user Philip Bloom.


New York City
Made by: Vimeo user Randy Scott Slavin.


San Francisco
Made by: Vimeo user Robert McIntosh.


Endless Summer
Made by: Vimeo user Nate Bolt.


Burning Man
Made by: YouTube user Eddie Codel.


Real Estate
Made by: The New York Times.


Volcano Eruption
Made by: YouTube user Shaun O’Callaghan.


Costa Concordia
Made by: Team Blacksheep.


Niagara Falls
Made by: Matt Quest.


Made by: BBC.


Soccer In India
Made by: Ben Kreimer.


Drone Music
Made by: KMel Robotics and Kurtis Sensenig.


Drone Dancers
Made by: elevenplay×Rhizomatiks.


Graffiti artist KATSU creates abstract paintings using drones with spray cans


Dolphin Stampede
Made by: Dolphin Safari.


Made by: YouTube user AfricanSkyCAM.


Giraffe Safari
Made by: CCTV Africa and African SkyCAM.


Rocket Launch
Made by: SpaceX.


Made by: Tourism New Zealand.


Wedding Fail
Made by: YouTube user WeddingMan123.


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