Must See Movie : Samsara #social #science


Samsara (a Sanskrit word literally meaning “continuous flow”) is the repeating cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth (reincarnation) within Hinduism, Buddhism, Bön, Jainism and Yoga. In Sikhism this concept is slightly different and looks at our actions in the present and consequences in the present.

Filmed over nearly five years in twenty-five countries on five continents, and shot on seventy-millimetre film, Samsara transports us to the varied worlds of sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial complexes, and natural wonders.

The movie has an emphasis on people, what people have done, what they do and what has happened to people. As such it covers a range of disciplines, from economics to philosophy to religious studies to geography and history – it’s definitely a movie for the ‘social scientist’ to watch.

If you watch this consider the questions :

> Where do you see the interplay of philosophy, politics and economics in this documentary?

> Debate whether the documentary has a bias towards positing a particular view point – does this bias detract or add to the experience?

Samsara (2011 film) – Wikipedia


SAMSARA food sequence

Samsara Official Trailer #2 (2012) International Movie HD

How does the documentary offer insight into the subject matter of ‘social sciences’?

What is social science? Part 1

What is social science? Part 2



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