China’s Third Plenum – Winners and losers of Chinese reform #China #economics

Dambisa Moyo: Is China the new idol for emerging economies?

China’s Third Plenum – What we need to know

The Third Plenum has finished in China and with it has come some potentially significant reforms designed to rebalance the Chinese economy and shape future growth and development. The BBC’s Linda Yueh has been prominent in reporting on this crucial stage of Chinese development and we have linked below to some of her recent output broadcast on the BBC.

Winners and losers of Chinese reform


What’s at stake for the economy? Well in 60 seconds – this is what’s at stake.

While the Chinese economy continues to slowdown, policymakers in Beijing are faced with the dilemma of how to rebalance an economy that till now has relied heavily on investment. The FT’s Simon Rabinovitch reports from Guiyang.


Third Plenum: Countryside one of key issues facing China’s leaders

China reforms: One-child policy to be relaxed

Word cloud: Chinese plenum



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