Kmart’s new ad “Show Your Joe” raising eyebrows


Kmart’s new ad is raising eyebrows and going viral:

Show Your Joe


The video has been met with both criticism and compliments on Kmart’s Facebook

This isn’t the first time an ad from the Sears Holdings subsidiary has stirred up controversy. The retailer’s “Ship My Pants” ad was received similarly when it came out earlier this year.


Juvenile humor with Kmart’s ‘Ship My Pants’ Commercial


In it, a store worker is informing store shoppers that Kmart can “ship your pants” for free, a punchline that was repeated at least ten times in the commercial. For viewers who are having trouble with the joke, saying “ship your pants” out loud might help clarify the play on words.

But not everyone wanted to ship their pants. “I just shipped my bed,” one in-store shopper proclaimed. Another said she just shipped her drawers as she stood in the furniture department among rows of dressers and drawers.

Kmart is promoting a service that provides shoppers with free shipping for products on in the event that the product is not available in stores.


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