Beppe Grillo – Our Money Is A Joke!

In 2010, Beppe Grillo started a political movement called “Movimento 5 stelle” (“Five Stars Movement”), without the desire to be a leader and to be elected, but only to join, by the Internet, people who believe in ideals like honesty and direct democracy, and saying that politicians are only subordinates of the people and that they should work for the country only for a short time. They should not have criminal records, and should focus on thinking about the problems of the country without any other conflicts of interest.

Beppe Grillo
Beppe Grillo’s Blog

Beppe Grillo is causing a lot of distress in the fake facade of the monetary system in Europe. After watching this video, you know why.


Why Beppe Grillo won in Italy: it wasn’t because of social media
Grillo is no social media pioneer. His blog broadcasts his message, but the key point is that Italy is tired of its ruling class

Beppe Grillo: “Italy Is Already De Facto Out Of The Euro”


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