Protests in Europe vs. Black Friday Shoppers

The economy collapses. In Europe people protest while people in U.S.A. go shopping

Black Friday 2012 riot over $2 Waffle Maker In Wal-mart
The video shows dozens of people in a Walmart near Little Rock, Arkansas, fighting over a limited supply of the small kitchen appliance. The $2 version of the waffle maker is a machine that only produces two waffles at a time. Walmart has another 4-waffle version with a much higher price per waffle.

Walmart Black Friday Fighting Over Phones During 2012

Greeks protesting against Merkel try to tear down barricades during clashes with police

Protesters clash with police in Spain

Hundreds of screeching teen girls nearly stormed a Victoria’s Secret Pink store at a Kansas mall this Black Friday in search of those crazy deals on age-appropriate underwear and sleepwear.

Italian students protest – 14th November 2012

Black Friday Best Buy Melbourne Florida

Protests 14th Novermber 2012 in Europe

Black Friday 2012 Madness.


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