Metaphor behind consistent behavior – 5 Monkey Experiment

There is a word that describes this phenomenon: filiopietism, or the reverence of forebears or tradition carried to excess.

A video that demonstrates through a simple experiment with monkeys, how people tend to resist change, even when it is for the best.

Read on this blog: Was this experiment ever conducted?

A simple, yet colorful, metaphor crafted to remind ourselves to question why we perform certain behaviors.

This is what happens when you teach monkeys to enforce a rule.

Here’s another version

I’ve found the following pictures on Jason Wells’ blog. He writes: But I prefer another term for it: the tragic circle. I believe many of these tragic circles exist, mostly unseen, in across all cultures and societites, causing untold harm. When discovered, they should be terminated. The lesson is as obvious as it is important: question everything. Dare to be skeptical. Think of all the age-old idiocy and insanity waiting to be exposed.

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4
image 5
image 6
image 7
image 8


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