History of Iran & USA in 10 minutes, Every American must watch this!!


1856: Genesis of Formal Relations | Diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States began in 1856.

1909: American Lafayette in Iran | In 1909, Howard Baskerville, an American teacher and Princeton graduate on a Presbyterian mission in Tabriz, Iran, instantly becomes an Iranian national hero where after joining the Constitutionalists during the Constitutional Revolution of 1905‐1911, loses his young life while fighting the Royalists and the forces of the Qajar king, Mohmmad Ali Shah’s elite Cossack brigade.

He is remembered as saying: ʺ[t]he only difference between me and these people is my place of birth, and this is not a big difference.ʺ  To this day he is revered by Iranians.

Second World War | Until the second World War, the US had no interest or an active policy vis‐à‐vis Iran and relations remained cordial.

1953 C.I.A. Coup | In 1951, Prime Minister Mossadegh and his National Front party (“Jebhe Melli”), a socio‐democratic, liberal‐secular nationalist party in Iran, nationalize the country’s oil industry.

In August 1953, with the help and encouragement of Britain, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) orchestrates a successful Coup dʹétat from the American Embassy in Tehran, deposing the democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh derailing Iran’s burgeoning democracy.  The Shah of Iran (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi) is reinstalled.

Read more:   http://web.mit.edu/mitir/2009/online/us-iran-2.pdf


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