Documentary: The Forgotten Summer of Senator George McGovern #uspol

George McGovern

George McGovern Near Death: Honoring An American Hero and Vietnam War Pacifist

“One Bright Shining Moment: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern” (2005) is a documentary film directed by Stephen Vittoria. It chronicles the unsuccessful 1972 presidential campaign of Democrat George McGovern.

It is narrated by Amy Goodman, with appearances by figures such as Women’s Movement leader, activist, and journalist Gloria Steinem, historian Howard Zinn, author Gore Vidal, former presidential candidate and McGovern ’72 campaign manager Gary Hart, satirist-activist Dick Gregory, and George McGovern himself.

The film won the Jury Prize Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 2005 Sarasota Film Festival.

Democracy Now Transcript
The case for liberalism: A defense of the future against the past by George McGovern

What It Means to Be a Democrat by George McGovern

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