The European Union won Nobel Peace Prize 2012 – Not Everyone is Happy

EU’s Nobel Prize raises eyebrows
The choice came as a bit of a surprise to many early Friday. In a 2012 world where Africa is fraught with hardship and the Arab world continues to fight for its voice — you can hear the press pool gasp as the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee made this announcement. Critics pointed out Europe’s infighting over austerity measures in the wake of the world financial crisis.

Nigel Farage expressed his bewilderment to the BBC concerning the EU’s winning of the 2012 Peace Prize.



RT’s Max Keiser expressed outrage, describing the Nobel Peace Prize as being given to “a technocratic monstrosity.”

“This is like giving the prize to Frankenstein for being the best monster created during the past 12 months,” Keiser said. “Who are they going to give it to next? They are going to give it to a genetically modified seed in India where farmers are killing themselves by the thousands because of companies like Monsanto. Give it to Monsanto next year, Nobel Committee!”

Nobel Peace Prize for EU draws criticism, jokes online

Here’s what our European Union page looked like on the day the EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize: ironic?


Jim Rogers: Nobel Farce Prize won’t save EU from pain, cuts & riots
Jim Rogers, author of ‘A Gift To My Children’



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