Natural Phenomenon, Electric Neon Blue water

This effect is produced by a protozoza named Noctiluca scintillans…By night, there is an increase in microscopic plankton called dynoflagellates, which glow in the dark when disturbed by currents or waves.
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Bioluminescent Waves Explained

Bioluminescent dinoflagellates cause the water off of La Jolla Shores beach to glow a neon blue when disturbed by animals, humans, and crashing waves

Q & A:

> Is there any way to predict when the ocean will be bioluminescent?
> What bioluminescent animals live in fresh water, and why are they so rare?
> How does GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) make the luminescence of the jellyfish Aequorea turn green instead of blue?
> Why is blue a ‘favored color’ in marine environments while it seems absent in terrestrial organisms?

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