Study: Junk Food Can Lower The IQ Of Infants #health #food

Our brains still grow through much of childhood. In fact, when we are born, our brain is only one pound; and by age 6, it weighs in at 3 pounds. Thanks to this growth process, our brains are very susceptible to our environment. Studies have shown that babies who are breast fed may gain up to 10 IQ points later in life, while children who are fed junk food under the age of three tend to have lower IQs later in life.
Facts About IQ
Junk Food Can Lower The IQ Of Infants A New Study Suggests UK News Sky News3

Junk Food Linked to Lower IQs


Children fed healthy diets have a slightly higher IQ than those fed junk food by age eight. A study at the University of Adelaide compared home-prepared food, ready-prepared baby food, breast feeding, and junk food diets over the first two years of life and measured IQ at age eight. They found that the best diet had a two IQ point advantage and the junk food diet had a two point lower than the average diet.

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