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Romney on Being Rich, Famous & Happy

Is Mitt Romney over?     Romney On Controversial Fundraiser Remarks     Pirate Capitalist Romney vs The Average Joe     It used to be politicians presented themselves as being just average folks, part of the American middle class … Continue reading

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The Risk inside your credit card: Electronic Pickpocketing #tech

Electronic Pickpocketing National TV demonstration     In this interview Walt Augustinowicz of Identity Stronghold demonstrates to Fox and Friends how easy it is to steal credit card info wirelessly. They travel to times square and try it out on … Continue reading

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Study: Junk Food Can Lower The IQ Of Infants #health #food

Our brains still grow through much of childhood. In fact, when we are born, our brain is only one pound; and by age 6, it weighs in at 3 pounds. Thanks to this growth process, our brains are very susceptible … Continue reading

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Robin Hood Principle in Reverse #SenSanders

Senator Bernie Sanders from Vemont, is the only politician I like. Here’s the Senator speaking out in opposition to deficit reduction that effectively takes from the middle class and the poor and gives to the rich.     Bill Quigley: … Continue reading

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