China and US tested #GMO Rice on Children

China’s health authorities are investigating allegations that genetically modified rice has been tested on Chinese children as part of a research project.

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Greenpeace Questions Chinese Authorities About GE Rice Tested on Children

The test began back in 2008, and the results were published in the August edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study concluded that tested strain, dubbed “Golden Rice, was as effective as pure beta carotene oil at providing vitamin A to children.

Hengyang city, where the testing is said to have taken place, investigated the claims by Greenpeace. State-run media reported on Monday that the deputy director of the Hunan Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed there was a project involving children in 2008, but it did not involve genetically modified rice.
Who’s Lying About the Golden Rice?


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: β-Carotene in Golden Rice

Globe and Mail‎:   Greenpeace’s Golden Rice stand should appall us all
Are Greenpeace and its allies effectively allowing millions of children to go blind or die when there’s a safe solution? The rest of us should be appalled.
Natural Society:   US and China Caught Secretly Testing GMO Rice on Children
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