The Sun — It’s too Round!

Sun’s Almost Perfectly Round Shape Baffles Scientists
The sun is nearly the roundest object ever measured. If scaled to the size of a beach ball, it would be so round that the difference between the widest and narrow diameters would be much less than the width of a human hair.

And, at Astronomy News

Yet another “mystery” surrounding the Sun: scientists working with the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) have observed that the Sun is far too perfectly round. Centrifugal forces in a rotating ball of gas should make the Sun wider at its equator than along its axis – that’s the requirement of the standard model.

From the Electric Universe perspective, since gravity is insufficient to overcome centrifugal forces on the Sun, the ability of electromagnetic forces to confine plasma must now be considered.

Mel Acheson: Round Sun vs. Foursquare Theory

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