Six 60-second videos addressing economic ideas

(1)   The Invisible Hand – 60 Second Adventures in Economics (1/6)

Evan Davis: Reflections on the British Economy
The Paradox of Thrift (2/6)

Bubbles and savings
Professor Robert Shiller talks us through how the financial crisis has become global and why the growth of communication has added to our financial risk taking.
The Phillips Curve (3/6)
In economics, the Phillips curve is a historical inverse relationship between the rate of unemployment and the rate of inflation in an economy.

The transformation of work in Wales
In Wales in recent decades there has been a dramatic transformation of patterns of work and employment. Dr Hugh Mackay delves deeper
The Principle of Comparative Advantage (4/6)

Competitive advantage
How can companies ensure they’ve got a lead over their competitors? This course extract from ‘Marketing in a Complex World’ explores this question.
The Impossible Trinity (5/6)

A brief history of… Black Wednesday
Black Wednesday is remembered as a dark day in British economic history. But the clouds were lined with gold. Martin Upton, head of the Centre for Financial Management at The Open University Business School tells Ione Mako about the upside.
Rational Choice Theory (6/6)

Who is choosing ‘choice’?
Will patient choice result in long waiting lists at some hospitals and no demand at others?
Free learning from The Open University


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