20 Laziest Countries in the World

FORBES: 20 Laziest Countries in the World

Malta                                                 71.9% inactive
Swaziland                                       69% inactive
Saudi Arabia                                68.8% inactive
Serbia                                                68.3% inactive
Argentina                                       68.3% inactive
Micronesia                                    66.3% inactive
Kuwait                                             64.5% inactive
United Kingdom                      63.3% inactive
United Arab Emirates          62.5% inactive
Malaysia                                         61.4% inactive
Japan                                                60.2% inactive
Dominican Republic            60% inactive
Namibia                                         58.5% inactive
Iraq                                                    58.4% inactive
Turkey                                            56% inactive
Cyprus                                             55.4% inactive
Italy                                                   54.7% inactive
Ireland                                             53.2% inactive
South Africa                                52.4% inactive
Bhutan                                             52.3% inactive

World’s Laziest Countries Revealed – as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

A 2012 study by The Lancet reviewing the physical activity levels of 122 countries, or approximately 89% of the world’s population, shows that Malta ranks as the least physically active. A tiny country off the southern coast of Italy, 71.9 percent of Malta’s population is physically inactive, which requires about 30 minutes of moderate activity at least 5 days a week. Ironically, Greece, just a stone’s throw across the Mediterranean Sea, was the most active with only about 15% of their population not meeting the standards.

Of the countries surveyed, almost one third of their population is considered inactive, and about 80 percent of adolescents rated as below the standards. Overall, women rated lower than men in the study, with the highest percent of inactive women living in countries where it is difficult for them to find employment because of discrimination, like Saudi Arabia, which ranked as the third least active country. The United Kingdom ranked 8th least active and the United States came in at number 46 with just over 40 percent of the population being labeled inactive.

Do you get adequate daily exercise?


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