Kiip: The App That May Change Advertising Forever

If you’re involved in advertising, you know that it’s difficult to get people to click on ads.

Brian Wong came up with the concept of turning ads into rewards.

In a nutshell, he developed a mobile platform called Kiip that offers rewards to gamers as they advance within their games. As Wong explained to us, the model is designed to connect with users when they have “moments of happiness” or “moments of achievement” within the games they are playing on their mobile devices.

“We felt that ‘hey, why don’t we tap into these existing, very engaged audiences, but do something that actually values their engagement and actually creates something that’s useful to them rather than to simply show them an ad?'” he pointed out
Since the innovation is quite unique, there has been speculation that the Kiip platform is going to dramatically change the future of advertising. Wong told us that he is humbled by the association and is hopeful about where the platform will head. Kiip has already expanded beyond games to include all apps that have those “moments” and has plans of taking it even further.

“I think people will start to realize how it’s much more than advertising once they actually start to experience it,” explained Wong. “So, the next stage of our company is really about bringing it beyond simply just games and having more and more people get a chance to touch or feel a Kiip reward.”

He did say that he thinks display advertising is here to stay, but he believes that the idea of a “reward network” is really catching on.

Kiip is currently available on both Apple and Android platforms, and more than 400 apps have already adopted it. Wong also hinted that we would see much more from the platform in the coming weeks.
Kiip CEO Brian Wong: Mobile Rewards Key to Closer Consumer Engagement
Brian Wong, founder and CEO of Kiip, a mobile rewards network, was in Hong Kong recently. Hear from this 21 year old entrepreneur what mobile marketing should be and why Kiip is the answer for advertisers.



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