The Shadowy Trade in Human Body Parts

How ICIJ investigated human tissue trading networks
ICIJ reporter Kate Willson’s presentation to the 2012 Google Ideas INFO Summit outlined how we investigated the global trade in human tissue for our report “Skin and Bone: the Shadowy Trade in Human Body Parts”

Skin and Bone: the Shadowy Trade in Human Body Parts
The business of recycling dead humans into medical implants is a little-known yet lucrative trade. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) discovered allegations of wrongdoing over the procurement of some of the raw materials used in the products.

Abusing the ‘Gift’ of Tissue Donation
Traceability Elusive in Global Trade of Human Parts
Body Brokers Leave Trail of Questions, Corruption
Human Corpses are Prize in Global Drive for Profits
Key Questions About Human Tissue
About This Project: Skin and Bone
Methodology: Behind the Numbers
Related topic:
Growing Global Organ Trade – 11 Oct 09

The global trade in human organs is growing. The poor and desperate are being driven to extreme measures – willing to sell body parts, because of the global economic crisis. Iran is the only country in the world where it is legal to sell an organ for money. Everywhere else, it’s banned, and there’s a huge black market. Donors receive as little as $1000 for a kidney, although the going rate is around $5000. The real money is made by the brokers who charge up to $200,000 dollars to organise a transplant for a wealthy patient. India, Egypt, Moldova and Brazil are among the world’s leading providors of organs. They are either sold domestically or exported to patients in the US, Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Israel. The most commonly traded organs are kidneys, corneas and livers. It is believed as many as 15,000 kidneys could be trafficked every year. Al Jazeera’s Nisreen el Shamayleh reports, on the rising organ trade in Jordan.
Human Organ Trade – a Global Black Market
This is a slideshow about the organ trade, and how it’s a black market. This was done by Lori Erickson for a school project. This has information that isn’t really known to the general public



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