Piers Morgan vs Michele Bachmann: car insurance, health insurance, what’s the difference?

Piers Morgan: Do you have car insurance?
Michele Bachmann: Yes, I do.
Piers Morgan: Who told you to (buy it)?
Michele Bachmann: I have a car insurance because … but car insurance is a very different thing from health insurance because no one is forced to buy a car if they don’t want to, but here, in the case of ObamaCare, every American is forced to buy a health insurance policy just because they breathe.

Bachmann explains why having car insurance is not the same as the mandatory health insurance required under Obamacare.

Was Piers Morgan correct to compare the two types of insurance?
Piers Morgan:
Yeah, but hang on a minute. Let me jump in. You just hit the nail on the head. You talked about buying health insurance. You have to buy car insurance. If you want to drive a car in America, you have to buy insurance or you will be driving illegally, you will be fined, and if you keep defying it, you’ll be put in jail.

What is the difference ideologically to a Republican like you that is so opposed to this, what is the difference between Americans being forced by law to have insurance to drive a car and being forced by law to have insurance for their health?

The DIFFERENCE Between Auto Insurance and Health Insurance
Mandatory Health Insurance Is Not Like Mandatory Auto Insurance


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