Irreplaceable Dinosaur Fossil Destroyed at Dig Site

Rare dinosaur fossil found in Alberta oilsands

GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alta. – Paleontologists were thrilled when they found the fossilized remains of a duck-billed dinosaur in northwestern Alberta last month.

A few days ago, they found that vandals had smashed the Hadrosaur skeleton to pieces.

“We still know very little about the dinosaurs that existed up here so every skeleton is crucial,” Dr. Phil Bell (a paleontologist involved in a dig) said in a statement.

“Each bone is irreplaceable.”

Source: Metro News

CBC News | ‘Irreplaceable’ dinosaur fossil destroyed at Alberta dig site
Hadrosaur skeleton 4th fossil to be damaged in last 2 months, says paleontologist

The Globe and Mail | Rare duck-billed dinosaur fossil destroyed by vandals in Alberta


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