The World Bank | How is #poverty measured?

Do you wonder how we measure poverty?
This 3 minute video explains the methodology that they used, how it works and why it is important

Poverty Overview

Blog: “Inequality of What”

Inclusive Societies More Likely to Enjoy Economic Growth
Research presented at the 2012 World Bank Conference on Equity shows a direct correlation between inequality and economic growth.

Textile Jobs Also Help Reduce Poverty, Book Shows
The movement of textile jobs between countries and continents has not only resulted in joblessness and displacement of skilled workers. The real story is more complex.

Feature article: Textile Workers in Some Nations Did Better After Quota Lift

Afghanistan Poverty Map Shows Mixed Progress
Poverty rates in Afghanistan vary widely from one province to the next, as does the level of development. A new interactive map shows the unevenness and diversity of the nation today.

Blog: Hard Facts on Poverty in Afghanistan

Frequent Poverty Data Surveys Break New Ground
Innovative household surveys can compliment traditional, door-to-door surveys and help policymakers respond more quickly to urgent needs.

New web page on high-frequency data surveys

1.29 Billion Still Extremely Poor As Global Poverty Declines
The share of people living on less than $1.25 a day dropped by half between 1990 and 2010, new World Bank estimates show. Poverty levels still “intolerable,” officials say.

View the numbers

Source: Poverty Reduction & Equity


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