Interesting Design: Outstanding Tents

FieldCandy Designer Tents
FieldCandy offers a high performance expedition tent printed with high quality cutting edge designs. Available as limited editions, FieldCandy tents are designed to look stunning and outperform all but the most advanced tents on the market today. Simple innovations and a dedication to quality components and UK manufacture have resulted in some of the best quality gear available for people who want to stand out from the crowd.

The Cave is an inflatable geodesic dome
The Cave Technology
The Cave is an inflatable tent by Heimplanet. It adapts nature’s most efficient and stable structure; the molecular structure of a diamond. We transform the principle into our – Inflatable Diamond Grid. Pitching takes less than a minute. No parts to put together – just pump it up and feel at home. The “Round Ground” design offers space for 2-3 persons to sleep and up to 6 persons to sit together. To Buy this tent visit:


Bubble Tree
Bubble Tree
French designer’s luxurious 189-euro-a-night ‘Bubble Tree’ room offers visitors a chance to gaze at the stars while being protected from the elements. Matt Cowan reports.

Luxurious “Bubble Hotel” Brings Innovation to a Night of Stargazing



Decathlon Sports 2 Second Tent

Raindrop-Shaped Treetents by Dré Wapenaar
Tree-hanging tent provides above-ground shelter
This strange looking tree shelter was created by a team of British designers to provide portable habitation for campers.
The Treepee
Dress Tents
Dress Tents
Car Tent: Unusual car tent designed to look like a car cover, so you can go
Car tent
Nyamuk Tent/hammock
If you’re looking to downsize your camping gear, try multi-purposing with the Nyamuk Sleeping Bag/Tent/Hammock. A sleeping bag, a hammock and a tent, this handy catch-all, designed by Leonie Bergmaier, packs them all into one compact unit. Ultra-light, the Nyamuk is made from premium quality polyester, is super easy to put together and is supported by a single pole. For overnight outdoor excursions or for bug-infested areas, it comes with a mosquito net to keep the pesky critters away.
Piilo Indoor Tent
Created by Markus Michalsky for the interior as a private secret retreat.
Piilo Tent
Stargazer Tent
Respite Tent
The Respite tent doubles as a hammock
respite tent
Emergency Tent
The Lightweight Emergency Shelter, designed by Patrick Warram, makes getting through a disastrous situation a little easier, whether it’s in an urban setting, or in the wilderness. Life in the great outdoors means being prepared for all situations, and while a tent is a typical “home” for campers, it’s also a proven emergency shelter. Warram’s award-winning design of the Lightweight Emergency Shelter is a one-piece tent that incorporates a single aluminum pole stitched right into the recycled polyester fabric. The benefits of a one-piece emergency shelter are significant – you don’t have to rummage for loose or lost pieces, you can set it up in minutes, even seconds with a little practice, and it’s easy to transport while keeping weight to a minimum. Lightweight Emergency Shelter
Emergency Tent
Boomtent by Alrik Koudenburg


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