Weird How the European Union Spends Taxpayer Money On 2 Videos

Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently and all for the same reason.
~José Maria de Eça de Queiroz
What were they THINKING?
The European commission has been forced to withdraw a high-budget video promoting the EU amid accusations that it depicts other cultures in a racist manner.

The video, entitled Growing Together, features a white woman dressed in yellow – the colour of the stars of the EU – walking calmly through a warehouse. As a gong sounds, she looks behind her as an aggressive Chinese-looking man shouting kung fu slogans jumps down in the style of the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

But, the thing is, the yellow jumpsuit worn by the woman in EU video is similar to that worn by the heroine in the Hollywood hit movies “Kill Bill.”

And that ought to send the wrong message.

The video shows the words: “The more we are, the stronger we are.” It then says: “Click here to learn more about EU enlargement.”
The European Commission has again invited trouble in a public-service campaign, this time in a video spot aimed at encouraging young women to “get involved in science.”

It looks one part girl-group music video and one part cosmetics commercial, with three miniskirted young ladies in heavy make-up dancing and posing with lab equipment and mathematical proofs as a male scientist watches intriguingly. A tube of lipstick forms the “i” in “Science.”

Science: It’s a girl thing!

Well done EU. You’ve successfully insulted a lot of women.

I agree that there is a gender imbalance in those who go into scientific studies and employment … but this really isn’t quite the way to do it. Europe is falling apart there’s still money and time in which to be patronizing, smug and sexist ads/videos!?

The following video of “Women in Science” would have been a better example:

Engineering – Italian student Nadia Berloffa
This is the first video I found after a quick search.



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