Tech Tools In Sport

Technology in sport has come along a long way, from the simplest timing devices such as stopwatches, to advances in fabric and nutritional information, allowing athletes to compete and train in comfort, as well as to their optimum level of fitness. Developments in swimsuit technology have meant that Olympic swimmers get the benefit of slimmer, more hydrodynamic suits. Football has evolved over the years as well, with changes to the ball’s makeup so that it performs better when waterlogged. Another major advance is the architecture of snow skiing runs and bobsled tracks. Finally, of course running shoes have come a long way from the earliest boots to the lightweight shoes pioneered by Adidas today. This programme looks at the many new technologies which are driven by athlete’s – and consumer’s – needs to be the best.
Coach’s Eye: Change the Game
The eye doesn’t lie! Coach’s Eye is like having a coach that never misses a thing. Whether you’re working on a golf swing, football drill, soccer kick, or yoga posture…Coach’s Eye delivers those “ah-ha” moments that elevate athletes from good to great.

The only way to improve what you are doing is to learn from your mistakes. Both coaches and athletes know that seeing is believing. Coach’s Eye allows athletes to learn through video analysis on-the-spot or at home.

Improvement can’t wait. Coach’s Eye provides everything you need for powerful video analysis, with the convenience of a mobile device. Drawing and slow motion highlight areas to work on.

Make sure your feedback is heard and understood with all-in-one review. Coach’s Eye eliminates arguments by providing videos that include audio voiceover. Record your thoughts as you breakdown the videos.

Review your videos with individuals, groups, or even an entire team. Coach’s eye is built for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and can be displayed on the big screen with AirPlay or HDMI connections.

Free hosting of your videos means that you have no reason not to share your insights with others. Provide the tools and knowledge they need to succeed by sharing videos that can be accessed at anytime!
More videos at Coach’s Eye for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

NBA Baller Beats Official Trailer

Nike+ Kinect Training for XBOX360
Nike+ Kinect Training is a new personal training program, also for Xbox 360, that allows ordinary people to get in shape under the guidance of some of the world’s most revered professional athletes, including LeBron James and Rafael Nadal.

The program is designed to help users reach their unique fitness goals, no matter how out of shape they may be at the outset.
Now there’s Inside Tracker.
Inside Tracker is a tool that can help you to pay close attention to the fluctuating state of your health … and you can do it without leaving home!

Inside Tracker is a Human Dashboard!

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