Chinese Scientists Genetically Engineered Cows to Produce Human Breast Milk

The scientists behind the development hope to create herds of low-lactose cows, or even no-lactose cows.

In a separate study, published in the journal of Transgenic Research, another group of scientists at the Inner Mongolia University have created a genetically modified cow that has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in its milk.

Professor Ning Li, the scientist who led the research and director of the State Key Laboratories for AgroBiotechnology at the China Agricultural University asserts that the milk is safe for human consumption. Li said: “The milk tastes stronger than normal milk. We aim to commercialize some research in this area in coming three years. For the ‘human-like milk’, 10 years or maybe more time will be required to finally pour this enhanced milk into the consumer’s cup.”

Wendy Higgins, from the Humane Society International, told the Sunday Telegraph: ‘This simply isn’t a morally responsible direction for farming to be heading in.’


A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals said: ‘Offspring of cloned animals often suffer health and welfare problems, so this would be a grave concern. Why do we need this milk – what is it giving us that we haven’t already got?’

Professor Keith Campbell, a biologist at Nottingham University and a member of the team that cloned Dolly the sheep in 1996, said GM animals were not a threat to health unless scientists deliberately gave them a gene that made their milk toxic.
‘Genetically modified food, if done correctly, can provide huge benefit for consumers in terms of producing better products,’ he said.

Source: Mail Online



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