History of Video Games

A Brief History of Video Games Part 1

A Brief History of Video Games Part 2

A Brief History of Video Games Part 3

A Brief History of Video Games – Part 4

Fun test :
Timeline: Video Games

1. In 1958, physicist Willy Higinbotham invented an interactive game played on an oscilloscope. This first “video game” was similar to

[] table-tennis
[] Pac-Man
[] Asteroids

2. Atari’s first game, Pong (similar to table-tennis), was so named because the name “Ping-Pong” was already copyrighted and

[] “pong” is the sound the game makes when the ball hits the paddles.
[] the person who developed the game was nicknamed “Pong”.
[] the word “pong” means “tennis” in Japanese.

3. In the classic video game Donkey Kong, the hero was originally named Jumpman. Jumpman was later named Mario by members of the Nintendo of America’s staff because of his resemblance to who?

[] Mario Andretti, the race car driver
[] Mario Segali, their landolord
[] Mario Puzo, the famous author

4. The founder of Atari, who also founded the nationwide restaurant franchise Chuck E. Cheese, was

[] Nolan Bushnell
[] Ralph Baer
[] Steve Russell

5. “Nintendo” is a Japanese word meaning

[] “Leave luck to heaven”
[] “Fun television game”
[] “Too much excitement”

6. COLECO, the company known for the Colecovision home video system, stands for

[] Connecticut Leather Company
[] Colorado Lens Company
[] Colorado Lead & Coal

7. Incensed by the violence in such games as Mortal Kombat and Night Trap, two senators launched a Senate investigation into video-game violence in 1993. One of these senators was Herbert Kohl of Wisconsin. The other was

[] Al Gore (Tennessee)
[] Joseph Lieberman (Connecticut)
[] Bill Bradley (New Jersey)

8. In 1998, this retail chain banned the sale of more than 50 video games that it considered inappropriate by its own standards

[] Toys ‘R’ Us
[] Wal-Mart
[] Kay Bee

9. Which of the following was the first home video game system sold in the U.S.?

[] Atari 2600 (a.k.a. Video Computer System)
[] Fairchild Camera and Instrument’s Video Entertainment System (a.k.a. Channel F)
[] Magnavox Odyssey

10. Resulting from the shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO, this console was released in the U.S. without a light gun

[] Sony Playstation
[] Sega Dreamcast
[] Nintendo N64


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