Hacking Democracy – the Hursti Hack

Hacking Democracy – the Hursti Hack (Demonstration and Testing)
The Hursti Hack was a successful attempt to alter the votes recorded on a Diebold optical scan voting machine. The hack is named after Harri Hursti.

“Can the votes on this Diebold system be hacked using the memory card?”
2 people voted Yes. 6 people voted No. The machine reported 7 Yes, 1 No.

As a software “hacker” (in the proper, non-malicious definition), I can say this is definitely a completely valid and utterly shocking “hack” that may have affected countless elections over the years…

“If I had not seen what was behind this, I’d have no reason not to, I would have certified this election as a true and accurate result of a vote.” – Ion Sancho, Supervisor of Elections, Leon County, Florida.
Harri Hursti Explains the Hursti Hack to the NH Legislature

In September 2007 Finnish computer security specialist testified to the New Hampshire legislature and the NH Secretary of State. Hursti explained the risks and vulnerabilities of the tamper-friendly Diebold optical scanners counting 81% of New Hampshire ballots. The legislature and the Secretary of State responded to his testimony by doing absolutely nothing.



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