Coffee for the Uber Geeks

Zipwhip CEO John Lauer shows off the Textspresso machine

A perfect invention for Seattle. These uber geeks have developed an espresso machine that allows users to text in their order, and then have it automatically made.

The robotic barista does everything from grabbing a mug and grinding the beans to making the drink and serving it up. Should several people send in orders simultaneously, the Textspresso uses edible ink to stencil the sender’s name onto the crema. Although Zipwhip created it as a fun intra-office appliance, they received a surge of interest and have since stated their intention to publish the plans online so that engineering-inclined coffee drinkers can build their own.

For more info, go to the blog
Handpresso Auto
A mobile espresso machine that’s powered by a car’s cigarette lighter. Users simply place a packet of E.S.E. (easy serving espresso) under the lid, add water and wait two minutes for brewing. When ready, the Handpresso beeps three times before pouring steamy, hot java into the driver’s cup. When not in use, the water bottle-sized device conveniently fits into most cup holders for storage during the daily commute. But, users had best wait for gridlock before brewing, as the manufacturers warn against brewing while driving to avoid spillage.
Handpresso Auto – The espresso machine for the car !
MEM-COFFEE set is a futuristic and elegant coffee making machine
Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set


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