10 Poisonous Foods We Like To Eat

10. Mushrooms
Around 4% of mushroom varieties are toxic.
9. Rhubarb
The green leaves contain oxalic acid. This can give you kidney stone and if enough is eaten, it can kill you.
8. Kidney beans
They harbor large quantities of toxin lectin. If you just eat three uncooked beans, they could cause severe vomiting and diarrhea.
7. Apples
Apple pips contain cyanide. If enough are eaten, it can lead to vomiting.
6. Tomatoes
The area near the stem and leaves contains the toxin tomatine. It can be used in pest control.
5. Potatoes
Green potatoes have extremely high levels of the glycoalkaloid poison.
Death by potato is rare but not unknown.
4. Cherries
The pips contain the chemical hydrogen cyanide. This can cause vomiting, breathing difficulties and even kidney failure.
3. Brazil nuts
The world’s most radioactive food. It has concentations of radium 1000 times higher than that of average foods.
2. Nutmeg
A known hallucinogen. It can cause nutmeg psychosis which apparently leads to a sense of impending doom.
1. Pufferfish
This Japanese delicacy can lead to paralysis and death.
Chefs train for 2-3 years so they can prepare it correctly.
            Bon Appetit


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