Nasa video shows 4.5 BILLION years of the moon’s history in just three minutes!

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has traced the moon’s early history as well as the latest trash left behind by moonwalkers, and now the team behind the mission has created a video smashing 4.5 billion years of the moon’s existence into less than three minutes.

Missing from the show is: the catastrophic impact between Earth and another planet, an event that scientists believe led to the moon’s creation.

There’s yet another scene that scientists are thinking about adding to the story: a collision involving the moon and a smaller moonlet, sometime after the moon’s formation. Some researchers suspect that such a “Big Splat” could have been responsible for the marked difference in the terrain of the moon’s near side and far side — although others think the Aitken Basin blast or gravitational forces could have done the job. NASA’s GRAIL mission, which was launched last year, could shed more light on that chapter of the story.

There’s also a “Tour of the Moon,” about five minutes in length, that guides you through the highlights of the moon’s topography with the help of LRO imagery.

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The Day The Moon Was Gone (The Universe 4) part 6 of 48
History Channel. A look at the importance of our moon and what the Earth would be like without one, such as a four hours of sunlight, pitch-black nights, 100 MPH winds spawning massive hurricanes, wild fluctuating climate changes as the planet topples on its axis, and the end of complex life forms — including humans.


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