Clint Eastwood : It’s Halftime in America

During Sunday’s game, Chrysler aired a commercial featuring Clint Eastwood, who starred in and directed a movie made and set in the Detroit area, 2008’s “Gran Torino,” a sleek, muscle car of a movie Made in the U.S.A., in that industrial graveyard called Detroit. I’m not sure how he does it, but I don’t want him to stop. Not because every film is great — though, damn, many are — but because even the misfires show an urgent engagement with the tougher, messier, bigger questions of American life. Read more ….

In the ad, titled “It’s Halftime in America,” Eastwood says the country is in its “halftime” but will pull through, using Detroit as an example.

Was it really pro-Obama?
Some Democrats thought so after they watched the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial, which features Clint Eastwood. Some Republicans were aghast.


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