French documentary film The Wall (Le mur)

“The Wall or psychoanalysis put to the test for autism”, is a French documentary filmed by Sophie Robert. It describes the misuse of the psychoanalitic approach of autism in France and the discriminations of autistic children in France. This document provides a summary of the movement and the legal battle for October 2011.

History | Support The Wall – Autism

On 4 November 2011: Sophie Robert received an astounding court summons for the 8th of December, in Lille, France. Three of the psychoanalysts that appear in the film claim that the interviews are THEIR intellectual property, not HERS, and that she is not authorized to do any editing without their approval.

Their goal is to have the film entitled “The Wall” banned for use in any form whatsoever

Sophie Robert will be showing her film at the ABAI Autism Conference Jan 27, 2012 in Philadelphia.

The organization we are representing ( ) will give a press conference on Jan. 26th New York, 4pm, for the launch of our international petition against abuse of autistics in France and in support of Sophie Robert

By then, Sophie Robert will have received the notification of her court decision ( on the 26th ) She will reveal exclusive footage from the interviews she had with some of the psy where they make anti-feminine and even some pro-pedophilia comments.

This event will be also the kickoff of an international effort to force France to take action to improve care in autism. In particular, we will talk about torture with « packing ».

You can follow this conference in live here :


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