Documentary: “The War on Kids” by Cevin Soling

The War on Kids is a provocative documentary suggests a system regulated by fear and motivated by the desire to control.

Cevin Soling goes inside the American public school system to reveal some unsettling truths — that our public schools have become prisons, where kids are medicated against their will, treated like prisoners under strict Zero Tolerance policies, and have most of their civil rights summarily stripped away. While conditions for kids have been worsening over the decades, the film argues that the root of these problems isn’t school shootings or budget cuts, but the institution of school itself, which is inherently authoritarian, oppressive, and fails on most levels to fulfill its number one goal: to educate. Source HuffPost

“The War on Kids” questions what kind of citizens we are producing. Parent or child-free, we all have a dog in that particular fight.

Cevin Soling is an American writer, filmmaker, philosopher, musician, music producer, and artist. He is known for his … Read more at (wikipedia)

Interview with Cevin Soling. The War on Kids.
In a world where education policies in developing countries are often drafted after the US education system, it is very important to critically focus on US domestic education policy in order to acquire a better knowledge of where these policies originate and how effective they may be. This documentary gets insights from Cevin Soling on his work “The War on Kids” and his motivation behind it.

The documentary suggests that public schools in America resemble prisons, holding children captive and subjecting them to monitoring, authoritarian supervision, arbitrary rules, prescribed conformity, coerced abstinence, zero tolerance insanity, irrational fears, invasion of privacy, prison-like security, unlawful searches, mind-controlling drugs, and the police state.


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