Orson Welles and #GOP debate

Michael O’Hara: It’s a bright, guilty world.

Arthur Bannister: George, that’s the first time anyone ever thought enough of you to call you a shark. If you were a good lawyer, you’d be flattered.

A scene in The lady from Shanghai when Orson Welles/Michael O’Hara delivers a close-up monologue about blood-crazed sharks.

O’Hara delivers his speech about the cannibal sharks, establishing the metaphor which best describes this uneasy band of travelling conspirators.

Michael: Like the sharks, mad with their own blood. Chewing away at their own selves.
Michael: You said the world’s bad, and we can’t run away from the badness. And you’re right there. But you said we can’t fight it. We must deal with the badness, make terms. And then the badness’ll deal with you, and make its own terms, in the end, surely.


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