1958 in Wichita, Kansas Sit-in (Civil Rights Movement)

Sometimes simple ideas are the most powerful — like standing up by sitting in.

Wichita, Kansas: Civil rights sit-in pioneers
One the earliest and least-known civil rights sit-ins happened in Wichita, Kan.; Participants only now getting recognized … Read more

Sit-in Wichita, Kansas

1958 Wichita Sit-in

The first organized lunch-counter sit-in for the purpose of integrating segregated establishments began in July 1958 in Wichita, Kansas with the Dockum Drug Store sit-in, which targeted a store in the old Rexall chain. In early August the drugstore became integrated. A few weeks later on August 19, 1958 in Oklahoma City a nationally recognized sit-in at the Katz Drug Store lunch counter occurred. The Oklahoma City Sit-in Movement was led by NAACP Youth Council leader Clara Luper, a local high school teacher, and young local students, including Luper’s eight-year old daughter, who suggested the Sit-in be held. The group quickly desegregated the Katz Drug Store lunch counters. It took several more years, but she and the students, using the tactic, integrated all of Oklahoma City’s eating establishments. Today, in downtown Wichita, Kansas, stands a statue depicting a waitress at a counter serving people, honoring this pioneering sit-in.


Civil Rights sit-in Katz Drug Oklahoma City



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