Mitt Romney, Ron Paul on Medical Marijuana #GOP

The Face of “compassionate” conservatism

Mitt Romney meets dying medical marijuana patient

Clayton Holton, in his early twenties, shook the Governor’s hand from his wheelchair. Holton calmly explained that he had muscular dystrophy, that he has to take medication or he’ll die, that his five doctors support the use of medical marijuana for his specific condition, and he himself was not in favor of allowing marijuana to be legalized except for medical use.
Holton, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a genetic disorder that most likely will claim his life, then asked Governor Romney if he would arrest him and his doctors for using medical marijuana.

“I’m not in favor of medical marijuana,” Romney said, shaking his head, and walking away.

Romney did seem somewhat knowledgable about the marijuana issue, asking if Holton had tried synthetic marijuana. Holton explained that synthetic marijuana makes him “throw up.”

Mitt Romney turned tail and ran, defending himself by saying, “I think I have,” when asked to answer Holton’s question.

He could have done something to make sure that the young man felt he was being heard.

comparing to Ron Paul’s response

Rep. Ron Paul meets a medical marijuana patient–Nov. 9 2007

Ron Paul strongly supports making marijuana available for medical reasons. Paul sponsored the States’ Rights to Medical Marijuana Act

What would you have said to this young man?


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